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Application Audit

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Application Audit

The purpose of the audit is to make a complete inventory of the application. Audit a solution web or mobile thus makes it possible to identify constraints, raise issues and to be informed about the possibilities of correction and evolution of the solution.

Beyond the code audit, it is essential to analyze other aspects related to the application: the functional completeness, the skills, the technical debt, the processes of development, deployment and delivery, test coverage, maintenance application, related costs, development needs, the financial value of the application, etc. An analysis of the application may be necessary at different times. For example: a application modernization project, development needs or corrections important but problematic, a lack of mastery of the code, …

Thus, many questions arise:
The developers who made the application do not are no longer available?
The application maintenance cost is too high?
The technology used to develop it is old or obsolete?
The documentation is incomplete or non-existent?

The app is useful, you need it but it gives you trouble.
What is the solution ?
Should this application be replaced by a new solution?
Should I do it evolve?
Should it be modernized?


Whether you want to modernize the application, prepare for an upgrade or replace application, carrying out an audit is a crucial step that should not be overlooked. The This approach certainly requires a little time to investigate and draw up a detailed statement of the solution but it saves you time later. The application audit can unblock a complex and laborious situation. It will allow you to take back control about the application and your investments.

The audit report translates into simple and quantified indicators. It allows you to target the corrections to be made, to calmly evaluate the possibilities of evolution of the application and to define a clear and precise roadmap.

Cyberdix supports you in modernizing or redesigning your applications. Of the definition of your digital strategy to the maintenance of your solutions.