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Custom development is developing, using a computer language or several, a project from scratch.

It is a working method where each piece of information will be translated without using modules or prefabricated CMS.

Custom development makes it possible to adapt projects to processes and not the other way around.

This type of development has many strengths, especially in the case of developments that are quite complex and aim to evolve over time. For example in the case of web applications.

The languages ​​that allow custom development are very varied. Each language has specificities, advantages and disadvantages, but all allow to arrive at the same result.

Some are chargeable, others free of rights (Open Source). We create your applications from many languages ​​such as PHP (Angular, Laravel Symfony), Java, .Net, etc.

Our experts support you both in the native languages ​​of the systems operating systems and only with Flutter or React.

Our reinforced technology watch and the regular training of our teams allow you to benefit from the best advice and the best expertise, whatever the languages ​​or technologies and frameworks used.

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