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Demande de rappel


  • Project: AMECOS
  • Customer: AMECOS
  • Category: Collection - Garbage
  • Year: 2021

Why did Amecos call on our expertise?

Amecos called on Cyberdix to design a collaborative web platform with the aim of improving their garbage collection reporting system, a mobile application involved in the management of tasks and customer invoices in the field, outsourcing system real-time data.

Urban waste management is one of the most worrying environmental issues for developing countries. In some African capitals, less than 30% of waste is removed. In some cities in West Africa, such as Lomé, the rate of garbage collection by public services is between 25 and 30%. Amecos is a reliable company that has been involved for several years in the collection of household waste in the city of Lomé.


Amecos has many collection points at its disposal with around fifty employees.

Our skills for this project :

- Business application
- Management System
- Cartography
- Data outsourcing system
- Back office

The solutions provided by our Cyberdix

We have designed for Amecos a collaborative web application (ERP Gedux) for internal and secure data management and a mobile application (DematScan) for task management in the field:

• Design of a referral system for active customers to register them in the database
• Implementation of an alert system to report in real time the actions of agents in the field
• The installation of a system that will allow timely reporting on the billing of each client

In terms of results, this project was a great asset for our client in improving its entire internal and external management system. Real-time management of customer data, automatic backup of operations on each customer, reduction of risk related to data loss. Bringing a project to life is a question of methods and priorities. It is also, for companies, a question of will.