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Demande de rappel


  • Project: BENWELL
  • Customer: BENWELL
  • Category: Ventes , Distribution
  • Year: 2020.

Why did Benwell call on us?

Benwell called on our partner DematExperts in Accra, Ghana, which works with us since 2017. As a result, our partner DematExperts served as a consulting relay to carry out this project.

So Benwell called on DematExperts and Cyberdix to manage its in-store stock, its purchase-sale circuit, its distribution and its customer relationship, and supplier relationship. The decision was simple to create a mobile application for sellers and for team members from the central stock depot and a collaborative web platform that can be consulted on PC as a tablet.

Benwell is a trade and distribution company for non-food products. Present on the Ghanaian market as one of the major importers of products electronics, household and high-tech… Benwell only distributes to professionals ie wholesalers.
His job requires about fifty employees spread over 4 stock depots and a ten points of sale without forgetting the 5 distributing carriers.

Our skills in the case of the project :

- Business application
- Management System
- Cartography
- Data outsourcing system
- Back office

The solutions we have provided.


We have created for Benwell a web administration application (ERP Gedux) with the DematScan module (business application).
These solutions have provided Benwell with better business management, standardized and automated processes have enabled better management of working time and automatically upload the day's receipts in real time. More enlightened stock management has helped to better organize storage warehouses.

It was a complete success