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Demande de rappel


  • Project: KM PRONET
  • Customer: KM PRONET
  • Category: Buildings
  • Year: 2017.

Why did KM PRONET call on Cyberdix?

Manage interventions and repairs for all trades with a mobile application.

For this application, the main problem of KM PRONET is to be able to intervene quickly in a given geographical area whatever the intervention and to be able to upload observations for editing quotes very quickly without the technicians return to the office.
You must then be able to identify the technicians available, their location and the journey in order to make the most effective decision possible.

KM PRONET is a general building company which is most often involved in plumbing, electrical, masonry and carpentry repairs and work for several social landlords and real estate agencies throughout the Ile de France region 24/7.

It is a company that employs 87 field technicians and 6 administrative staff.

Our skills for this study:

- Business application
- Cartography
- Geolocation
- Management System
- Back office

Solutions provided by Cyberdix

We have created for KM PRONET a web administration interface (ERP Gedux) allowing:

• A fully digitized business process (HR, CRM, Logistics, Stock…)
• Optimized quote and intervention editing times
• Better planning of interventions and teams.

Focused on mobility, data, location data, this project had the ability to reduce paper exchanges between field teams and management. The time saving was felt in a few days and allowed the whole team to improve the overall performance of the company KM PRONET.