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In an increasingly competitive global environment, every company must evolve to find new leeway: Create products that are more quickly, customize products for each customer, sell online, ensure a more efficient delivery and maintenance, boost internal productivity.

To this end, each sector of activity is forced to review its mode of operation, the the retail sector has to deal with new consumer purchasing methods, increasingly ultra-connected and mobile.

To adapt to this cross-channel purchasing journey, distributors are creating new shopping experiences. They must ensure that real synergies exist between sites internet, applications and physical points of sale.

Digital technology and the various technological breakthroughs that result from it (cloud, objects connected, social networks, etc.) allow new players to emerge, to see new disruptive business models articulated around a multi-channel sales strategy. However, the place of the consumer has never been so strong. Hyperconnected and mobile, it requires players in the sector to be particularly attentive to the user experience.

Although digital transformation is an inevitable challenge for all companies, it is set up in very different contexts and through very different issues from company to company, from industry to industry.
The needs, issues, targets and objectives are specific to each company; the health sector, for example, would provide even greater access to care and to various awareness campaigns and qualitative information by separating from practices “paper” and thus take advantage of the high use of smartphones on the African continent…